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Your own music festival survival guideFirst published: 11-08-2015Your music festival survival guideEvery year hundreds of people head to a few of the UK's top festivals to enjoy a short time of music, mayhem and dirt. One of the better ways to ensure you have a ball to the max is usually to take absolutely everything you will need.Note: That's need, like, 'essentials'.To help, we've build a list items you undoubtedly do not want to forget if you are heading off with a festival. If you've got these packed safely, you will be able to throw yourself into the experience without having to worry about anything.Home far from homeYour temporary digs might make or break your experience, so choose your items wisely.Cheap tents are cheap for any reason, so until you desire to feel every rain drop, and even have your tent blown away completely, buy something of good quality.Get one slightly bigger than you think that you will need, too. Even though there are just two of you, a two-man tent won't accommodate all the bags and items you have to do along with you.Tent (the number one essential you shouldn't forget!)An inflatable mattress or fold-up bedFolding chairsCamp flag (lots of people could have this concept, so really personalise yours in order to easily identify your tent among the thousands! Don't purchase one there - we guarantee numerous other tents can become with the exact same flag this way)BlanketsPillow (a rolled-up hoodie won't do)Sleeping bagEarplugsEyemask (so the 5am sunrise won't interrupt your much-needed sleep!)ToiletriesFestivals aren't renowned for their cleanliness, so these essentials helps keep you fresh. (Or at best as fresh since you can be residing in a large field with few proper washing facilities to communicate of.)Baby wipesAntibacterial hand gelDeodorantDry shampooToothbrush, toothpaste, and mouthwashToilet rollKeeping anyone with a belongings safeThe tastes festival goers are available to experience the songs along with the atmosphere, but, sadly, a couple of them exist to benefit from each of the empty tents.If you're not fortunate enough to attend a conference which you could engage a secure locker, do yourself a favour, and then leave your valuables at your home. You will be tempted to choose tent-lock, however many individuals think about this in the same way helpful as being a big neon sign reading 'Hey, I have got lots of expensive stuff hidden in here, please do not steal it!'.When you have to take your individual treasures, watches tents are not too difficult to destroy into, so without or with a lock it's wise to pick the safest location to stash your goodies. Divide up your money and conceal it relating to your person (whenever possible), so you have got still got or no from it gets nicked.Keep the phone you all the time, never leave your drink unattended, and ensure you adopt these items, too:Emergency money (take cash - the ATMs are in all probability a hike away and also the queue is generally miles long)Sun cream (just in case…)Insect repellentFirst-aid kitLaminated report on numbers (that relating to the folks you've visit the festival with - and perhaps your mum!)Unique keyring (if you lose your keys they'll be simple to identify inside the major of keys in lost property)ClothingDon't concern yourself with looking your very best self - likelihood is if you find someone walking on looking perfectly coiffured and preened, they've definitely not spent plenty of time enjoying themselves.Take nothing that you don't want to get dirty - comfort is important, and this involves transitioning to the elements. Here is the Great British summer, in the end.WelliesWaterproof jacketLots and many socks (ones that come greater than your wellies are ideal, and that means you don't end up having any chaffing)Plenty of underwear (so even when your t-shirt stinks to high heaven, you probably won't mind providing you may have clean pants!)LayersFood stuffsYes, rolex president watch you should purchase food there, but should you not desire to remove a home loan to finance your stomach, you might want to require a few bits along.Dry cupboard stuff is best suited, so have ready cereal bars and sugary treats to be sure you may have enough energy to last the entire festival. (Ignore your diet program in the meantime - the wait at the organic quinoa risotto stall may perhaps be to much time anyway.)Bags of crisps are fantastic for the 3am munchies, but when you're are anxious for something with the smallest resemblance to fruit, have a few jelly pots.When it comes to alcohol, every festival has different rules. Look at the policy carefully before you go to discover what you might or can't take. Generally glass is really a no-no.Non-perishable food and drinkA camping stove and kettlePaper platesPlastic knives, omega ladymatic forks and spoonsTea bags and instant coffeeBig water bottle (most festivals have free features, so don't even think you should find the packaged stuff)Generally useful stuffIn terms of tidiness, avoiding, or maybe generating a few friends, there are many other pursuits that festival-lovers are very enthusiastic about:Watch (preferably a plastic one with the alarm plus a jazzy pattern - see point 21! You need something simple to clean that's still stylish - Sreplica watch features a great range which is to be ideal)Portable phone chargerHead torchRubbish bags (for unscrambling after you leave)Lighter (if you're an smoker, you're bound to lose one, so have a couple. If you're not, this is the sure-fire approach to to understand!)Ziplock bags (to keep all your valuables mud-free)Hair tiesGaffer tape (in the event of any rips inside tent)Festivals are muddy, loud, smelly, as well as incredible, so avoid any stresses if you are there and ensure you're as prepared as you can. Get every one of these packed before you leave, and after that all that's left is always to enjoy every second.