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Waxing FAQs

Not sure what to expect?

How does brazilian waxing work?
A warm wax is spread thinly over the skin. A finger is pressed on the top and then with a quick
movement it ripps of the wax along with the hair and dead skin cells leaving the skin smooth.

How does roll-on waxing work?
In this method, a warm wax is applied to the skin by a roll system. The wax is usually a clear, thick
liquid that looks like honey. When applied to the skin, the wax dries within a few seconds.
Then, the wax is pulled off quickly from the skin with disposable paper-towel.
This process is repeated until all the hair is removed from the desired areas.

On what body areas can wax be used?
Waxing can be used on most parts of the body. It should not be done on areas of skin affected
by warts, pimples, moles or rashes or on skin that is irritated, chapped or suffering from sunburn.

Does first time waxing hurt more than afterwards?
Yes, it hurts more the first time than any other time because you are pulling out 100%
of the hair from the root, your nerves are on the edge and you don’t know what to expect.
But, it is a quick, temporary sting that stops hurting right away.
Some body areas are more sensitive than others; you wouldn't expect it,
but having hair pulled from the lower abdomen is more painful than the labia.

What is the effect of waxing on the skin?
As dead skin cells are removed in this process, the skin becomes quite smooth afterwards.
Small bumps and redness are common and perfectly normal temporary reactions.
These symptoms should subside over the next 24-48 hours.

How long do I have to let my hair grow?
At least 0,5 cm. The more follicles we can pull, the cleaner it will turn out,
the longer it is going to last and the happier you are going to be!

How long before hair reappears after waxing?
Really depends on your hair-growing cycle. If it is your first time waxing,
you may notice a small amount of regrowth after a week or so.
It can take up to 4 sessions for your hair to get on a growth cycle that gives best results.
Eventually, your hair may take 1 month or more to grow back.

Why I should not shave or use depilatory cream after I start waxing?
Because the razor or depilatory cream will remove your hair superficially and they will grow
back stronger and in a few days, distorting the slow hair growth cycle acquired through the waxing.

How often should I do waxing?
In order to keep the hair coming in at a reduced rate, you should wax every 3 to 4 weeks.
With time, the hair grows back finer and sparser, becomes less prickly between waxing
and retains its smoothness much longer.

Should I do waxing prior or after my period?
Opposite of what most people think, normally it is less painful to do waxing before your period
than the week after. Try it, we did ask many clients and this is what they concluded. Plus, in case
of doing your Brazilian Bikini, it is much more hygienic if your period arrives after you are waxed.

Can I do a brazilian waxing during my period?
Yes, sure. Just be aware that you will be more sensitive and you must wear a tampon.

How can I prevent ingrown hairs?
Gently scrub the skin 2 times a week using a loofah or exfoliating mitt between your sessions.
Moisturize your body every day, which will keep the skin supple and help new hairs to grow
through normally. For those that experience persistent ingrown hairs and bumps,
we recommend Folisan lotion (available at We Love Wax).

What is the difference between Brazilian Bikini Total, Brazilian Bikini Line and Bikini Line?
In our Brazilian Bikini Total, all the hair from the pubic and anal area is removed, regardless
of what you leave or don’t leave in front of the pelvis: a line, a triangle or nothing.
In our Brazilian Bikini Line, just two fingers hair line is left on the top following the labia.
And in the Bikini Line, only the hair that can be seen out of the swimwear is removed.

What should I wear for my waxing session?
We highly recommend you wear cotton clothes and cotton panties, as it may be easy
to remove any residues of wax or after-care lotion left in your skin.

At what age can I start waxing?
We believe that it can be started when the hair begins to bother your daily life.
This will normally happen during the adolescence stage.
However, if you are under age, you should ask your parents for permission.

Can I wax when I am pregnant?
Sure you can. There are women that maintain waxing up to the week of giving birth.
However, every pregnancy is different and it is advisable to check first with your doctor.

What can I do before my waxing session to feel comfortable and get the best results from it?
Because waxing is an very intimate treatment and you need to expose your body, we highly
recommend you to shower the day of your waxing, as it cheap party dress will make you feel much more comfortable
as well the therapist. Also, avoid moisturizing your skin at the day of your waxing.
You will sure get better results from the waxing if your skin is clean and dry.

What can I do if I really don’t have time to prepare myself prior to my brazilian bikini?
You can get at our reception desk intimate wet towels.

Are there any health precautions to keep in mind with waxing?
Some physicians do not recommend waxing for persons suffering from diabetes
or poor circulation, as they are more susceptible to infection. Users of retin-A, renova,
differin or accutane are advised not to use waxing on the face as these medications tend
to weaken the skin and tearing of the skin may occur when the wax is removed.


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