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Waxing - Do's and Don'ts


Let the hair grow ½ cm before your waxing. The wax needs something to hold on to!

Scrub the skin with a loofah or an exfoliating mitt between wax sessions to help prevent
ingrown hairs. The exfoliation removes the dead skin allowing the hair to come out easily.

Moisturize your skin daily to keep it hydrated.
Dry skin can end up feeling itchy and irritated after waxing.

If you are very sensitive and it is OK with your doctor, take Ibuprofen or Ponstan
30 minutes before waxing.

When the wax is about to be ripped off, cough.
It distracts from the pain and trust me, it works!

To minimize skin redness or irritation after waxing, apply cold water or cool compresses
once you get home.

If you are very sensitive to waxing and experience skin redness or irritation for more
than 12 hours, apply an antiseptic lotion, such as aloe vera gel or shooting cream
(available at We Love Wax) to the waxed area regularly for 3 days following your waxing.

Always apply sun protection to the waxed areas that will be exposed to the sun.
Your skin will be more sensitive and prone to burning after waxing.

As we may apply a soothing cream or aloe vera gel after the waxing, we recommend
our male clients to wear a cotton T-shirt under their clothes when doing a back or chest waxing.

Regular waxing sessions help the skin get used to the procedure and minimize irritation.


Avoid hot showers, saunas or hot tubs after waxing. The hot water may irritate the skin.

Avoid solariums and direct exposure to the sun for the next 24 hours, as the waxed area
is more prone to burning.

Don't swim in chlorinated or salt water for the next 24 hours after you waxed.

Don't wax if you did Spray Tanning recently, it will definitely remove the color.

Never apply wax to peeling or broken skin.

Avoid nail scratching in the waxed area. While your pores are open, they are
vulnerable to infections.

Don't apply deodorants, body sprays or any kind of perfume or lotion that may contain
alcohol the next 24 hours after you waxed.

Don't shave, apply depilatory cream or perform any kind of depilation that doesn't remove
the hair from the root between your waxing sessions.

Don't scrub or exfoliate your skin for at least 12 hours before or after your waxing as
it may irritate your skin.

Avoid heavy exercise at least 24 hours after waxing, especially if you waxed a large area
of your body. Excessive sweating may irritate the skin.

Avoid tight clothes and underwear after waxing as it may result in irritation and ingrown hairs.

Don't apply any cream or lotion in the day of your waxing; you will get better results if your skin is dry.


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